Sunday GP Dublin 2

Sunday GP In Dublin 2

Sunday GP Dublin 2

Lincoln Place Medical Now Open on Sundays


It can be difficult to find a doctor open at the weekend. Lincoln Place Medical is a GP and Dermatology clinic offering Sunday GP Appointments in Dublin 2 because of demand. Patients can now access a range of medical services at this new practice located in the centre of Dublin on the weekend. This will relieve some of the pressure from local hospitals and patients will still be able to access professional services, as well as book same day appointments when they need it the most.


In addition, Lincoln Place Medical makes it easy for patients to arrange GP appointments in Dublin on a Sunday. Appointments can be booked online by selecting a date and time that suits your schedule, without having to call up for an appointment if it is something you do not want to discuss on the phone. You will receive an email with your appointment details after you have booked, as well as a reminder 24 hours before the appointment so that you do not forget.


Lincoln Place Medical offers a range of GP and dermatology services to meet patient needs. Patients can access comprehensive dermatology services, which includes treatment for psoriasis or eczema, as well as having skin rashes, mole and new skin lesion examinations on the day of appointment. There are also specialised services for men’s health and women’s health, including sexual health screening. Children’s acute illnesses can also be dealt with, as well as any developmental concerns.


Lincoln Place Medical is now open from 10:30 am to 2:00pm on Sundays for patients in Dublin, meaning you do not have to go to the hospital unnecessarily or wait all weekend for a Monday appointment.


If you are looking for a Sunday Doctor in Dublin. Get in touch today.




1. For Covid-19 queries, visit first. If you still require further advice, phone and leave a message. Messages will be triaged and returned before the end of the clinic day.
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2. For Non Covid-19 health needs, please book a telephone consultation. Click on the time preferred and follow instructions. The doctor will phone you. If the doctor feels an examination is needed, a clinic appointment will be arranged.
Do not delay contacting us with any health needs.
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