Medical Health Check

Medical Health checks at Lincoln Place Medical

Medical Health Check 

Our comprehensive health screening aims to identify illness or “potential health issues” in the early stages and encourage healthy lifestyle changes where needed.

Our full medical health check will:

-Identify your risk factors

-Identify and deal with any urgent health concerns

-Inform you about your risk factors for major, preventable diseases

-Give you information and advice to avoid developing preventable diseases

At the appointment the following tests are done:

-Full blood count

-Biochemistry including kidney, liver, and bone profile

-Glucose level

-Cholesterol levels

-Thyroid function

-Levels of vitamins where indicated, eg Vitamin B12, Vitamin D


-Other bloods where indicated by risk factors.

At your appointment the doctor will discuss:

-Current state of health

-Past medical history

-Family history

-Lifestyle, for example diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, drug use, stress

-Medications, if any

-Any specific health concerns you have

This will be followed by a physical examination where the doctor will examine head & neck, heart, lungs, abdomen, circulatory system, joints and skin. The doctor will also measure your height, weight and blood pressure. Breast and Pelvic examinations for females will be done where indicated and prostate examinations for male where indicated.

Female patients may opt to have their cervical smear test done at this time if due (please check

Medical Health Check Plus

This health check includes the above examination and tests plus full sexual health screen.

The following tests are done:



-Hepatitis B



-Hepatitis C

-Other testing where indicated by specific symptoms.

A medical summary with test information will be available within 14 days of the examination. Where specific new conditions have been identified, these will be discussed at a review appointment.

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From September 2021,  Women's health and Skin health appointments will be available to book online on our website.
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